SPECTRE - A 4K JavaScript demo

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🏃 Run the demo

Go fullscreen and select your flavor:

👍 Compatibility

The demo requires WebGL and Web Audio API. The release version uses current, un-prefixed versions of those APIs, while the compatibility and debug versions support older/legacy versions of the APIs, which may be required for some browsers.

For an optimal experience, use a computer with a powerful graphics card and a fast CPU.

The demo has been tested on the following systems:

CPU / GPUOSBrowserComments
i7 (Hex) 3.2GHz / GeForce GTX760
(high end)
Ubuntu 16.04Chromium 5160 FPS
Firefox 4860 FPS (some frame drops)
i7 (Quad) 2.7GHz / Intel HD 530
(mid-range laptop)
Windows 7Chrome 52~20 FPS
Firefox 48~25 FPS
i7 (Quad) 2.3GHz / Intel HD 4000
(low end)
OS X 10.11Chrome 52Low FPS in fullscreen
Firefox 48Low FPS in fullscreen
Safari 9.1.2Requires compatibility version
Low FPS in fullscreen
AMD E2-1800 1.7GHz / HD 7340
(dated low end, 💤)
Ubuntu 16.04Chromium 51~10 FPS. Audio glitches.
Firefox 48~10 FPS. Audio glitches.
Windows 10Firefox 48~3 FPS. Audio glitches.
IE 11.306No luck (white screen)
Snapdragon 810 2GHz / Adreno 430
Android 6Chrome 52Very slow. Audio glitches.
Firefox 48Very slow. Severe audio glitches.
Cyclone 1.3GHz / PowerVR G6430
iOS 9.3.3SafariNo luck (black screen)

♫ Music "editor"

This demo uses a new music synth. You may try out the very low-tech music "editor", here.